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Ambiguity + tortured logic = god (part 2 of 3)

This post is the second in a somewhat punctuated series regarding a Cambridge Union Society debate from October 2011 on the following topic: This House believes that God is not a delusion. For the first post, see Ambiguity + tortured … Continue reading

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Ambiguity + tortured logic = god

Over time I have become more firmly sceptical (in the true sense of only giving credence on the basis of evidence, rather than refusing to believe even in the face of good evidence, like climate “scepticism”), and this naturally leads … Continue reading

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Tax doesn’t have to be taxing – they choose to make it so

I’ve just spent 20 minutes on hold to the self-assessment section of HMRC, waiting to tell them that my late father’s local tax office calculated the tax on his estate incorrectly.  I am unable to speak to the person who … Continue reading

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I’m not much of an Elton John fan…

…so when I read this article in The Guardian on 30 December I didn’t pay it all that much attention except to think how cool it is to live in a world where gender and sexual orientation are receding as … Continue reading

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And you are…?

What makes you you? Continue reading

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Dave Connerman strikes again

So, before the election: “Vote lib dem, get Brown” “The Hung Parliament party…behind closed doors politics…indecision and weak government…dip in confidence…run on the pound…disastrous hikes in interest rates that will paralyse UK plc…A vote for any party other than the … Continue reading

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Despair, DESPAIR!

And so, my second outing in the board game War of the Ring (WotR) playing as the leader of the Free Peoples. Not a great result – I admitted defeat with James as the Shadow player on 7 of his … Continue reading

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