Dave Connerman strikes again

David 'Call Me Dave' Cameron Arthur Daley
So, before the election:
“Vote lib dem, get Brown”
“The Hung Parliament party…behind closed doors politics…indecision and weak government…dip in confidence…run on the pound…disastrous hikes in interest rates that will paralyse UK plc…A vote for any party other than the Conservatives should do the job…”
“Nick has talked, not tonight, but has talked about 600,000 people having this amnesty, being able to stay. And they would be able to bring over a relative each, so that’s 1.2 million potentially. And all of those people would have access to welfare and housing.”
[Boogah, boogah, BOOGAH! Scared yet?]

After the election:
“We need to work together”
“I am incredibly proud … of the strong and positive campaign we fought. We campaigned for hope, not fear…”
[Um, Dave…]

Not only that, but now there is the “big, open, comprehensive deal”. Come again? Is that the same big as in the “big society” that appears to mean reducing state input and blithely assuming that people will volunteer to pick up the slack? Odd then, that the only thing that is not already in the Conservative manifesto that was offered was a commission on electoral reform, and we all know that that is worth precisely nothing.

I’m starting to think of Arthur Daley now whenever I see His Daveship. “Psst, want to buy an electoral reform commission? Very reliable. Almost never fails to deliver any actual reform. Only costs your support for all our policies. Oh yes, and your principles. Cheap at twice the price!”

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5 Responses to Dave Connerman strikes again

  1. If the Liberals go into coalition with the Tories, i’m never voting Liberal Democrat again.

  2. Steerpike says:

    of course Blair promised the Lib Dems electoral reform and then just laughed in their face….

  3. Indeed – one of the ways we know the promise is worth nothing!

  4. Steerpike says:

    As Mitch Benn (the Now show) observed in a Tweet today:

    Congratulations Labour on embracing the need for electoral reform at the PRECISE MOMENT YOU LOSE THE POWER TO F–KING DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

  5. Jimbo says:

    Party politics is outdated and inappropriate for precisely this reason – most people don’t believe in the majority of the policies from any one party as it is. Cameroon knows that he has to do a deal with the Liberals but knows that he cannot do a deal that is acceptable without alienating 75% of the conservatives or 95% of the liberals. A libCon coalition will be precisely that. But where does that leave the Liberals? Doing a deal with Labour? Even if they can, and God knows who else will need to join the fray to make it work, there is no guarantee that the “Government” will remain long enough to achieve any bill to amend the voting system.
    I cannot imagine what the possible outcome to the negotiations will be, if it prevaricates for too long, this in itself may turn a lot of the electorate away from PR.

    The Tories need to make the tough decision and stand firm in front of the nation (and their right wing) and say, we asked you to vote for a change, and so here it is. PR is coming.

    On the other hand, I did like Jeremy Hardy suggestion that if not PR or AV then STV would be a better choice of an election mechanism. Sexually Transmitted Vote that is. eeeww!

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